K2DL Traverse: Langkayugan Peak

Scared of Lightning
The Ultimate Assault to Langkayugan Peak

K2DL Day 3 (Tuesday)

Langkayugan Peak stands at an estimated height of 2,550 MASL. It’s a ridge connecting to Maagnaw and some hikers straightly climb up Maagnaw as part of their itinerary. In fact, this was our original plan but mission aborted at the last minute due to time constraints. It was a clear morning with picturesque view of Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. D2. From where we stood presented a 360° panoramic view of neighboring mountain ranges in Mindanao. Who needs Maagnaw when you could already see the breathtaking giant summits of Mt. Balatucan? Or Mt. Kalatungan and Mt. Malindang in Misamis. Mt. Ragang of Lanao Del Sur and can we ever forget Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo? Hahah! Witnessing this far-flung summits gives me a better view of the world. Maybe it’s what God saw from above right before the creation of men. It makes the efforts and hardships all worthwhile. It fulfils my spirit with a sense of remarkable achievement and feeds a way out of my mundane, humdrum existence. And most of all, it gives me a deeper perspective of life. That, my friend, is why I climb.

Mt. Kitanglad Range Background

View of Mt. Kalatungan
Langkayugan Peak

I wish I could say we had a hearty breakfast but our limited water supply could only afford us a couple cups of coffee. Nevertheless, we managed to fill our stomach with bread, noodles and whey protein just enough to make it out of this mountain. Around 9AM, we left the peak and started trekking downhill. We passed alongside steep ridges through a series of abundant Brachiaria grasses. These grasses could reach 8-12 feet tall and for a second I thought they’re sugarcane crops. Upon entering the mossy forest, it rained again and never ceased until we reached the main highway. Before that, I have already sustained several bruises and countless twists and turns due to the slippery and loose soil. Three hours later, we have exited at a lush vegetation in Sitio Maliwanag, Barangay Kibangay. We briefly stopped at a nipa house, logged our names out and continued hiking. At the highway, we ate our late lunch in a carenderia store, realizing we’re hungry beyond imagination.

The Descent

Sitio Maliwanag, Brgy. Kibangay Exit

The store keeper was kind enough to let us use their comfort room to change into dry and fresh clothes. Not a moment later, we rode a jeepney back to Malaybalay where we have to take a bus/van back to Cagayan de Oro City. We noticed a few to zero jeeps available in this area that some passengers patiently bent in the aisle, others sat at the topload. We left Kibangay at 2pm and we we’re kind of disheartened of the slow driving speed and doubted the possibility of making it to our 7PM cruise. So I prayed and prayed and at exactly 4pm, we arrived at the Malaybalay terminal and boarded a van to CDO. Thankfully, we had a fast and furious type of driver and before we knew it, we’re at CDO pier by 6:30PM. Success! We made it! The 3-hour queue time at the counter on Day 0 was not in vain. Unexpectedly, we only saw a few travelers onboard and we had all the bunk beds to ourselves. That…was one hell of an awesome traverse.

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