Mt. Tres Marias: The Beautiful Sierra You Don’t Want to Miss

9/10/2016. Two weeks after the success of Mt. Sumagaya-Mt. Lumot traverse, here comes another episode of travelling light and cheap to the historical province of Leyte. Though I’ve been thinking about visiting this place for 9 years, this was actually my first time to be here. I remembered my history books when General Douglas MacArthur […]

Mt. Sumagaya to Mt. Lumot Traverse: Climbing the Edge of Northern Mindanao

When I was little, I would normally stare at the huge clustered pile of mountain soil for hours and imagine what’s under all those trees. I’ve always been fascinated by these timeless creation of nature: trees, vegetation and greenery surroundings. Naturally, I didn’t think twice upon learning of a Sumagaya-Lumot adventure. I had the good […]